Laser and Radar Warning System SAPLAR 4C-22L-6R-12G

The SAPLAR 4C-22L-6R-12G system is designed for individual protection of armored vehicles (ICVs, APCs) against armament systems that use laser and radar illumination. The system is designed for less than 8 meters length vehicles. The device is charaterized by an extended range of laser beam irradiation wavelength: 400 ÷ 1700 nm.

The SAPLAR system ensures the following functions:

  • It detects laser illumination and radar and determines the direction and the type of the risk source;
  • The equipment ensures timely warning of danger imminence by displaying the direction of the threat and specific symbols on the LCD screen of the system. It also renders sound in order to warn the crew against laser illumination action;
  • The system allows the vehicle commander to undertake the necessary defensive maneuvers: performing elusive actions and/or using smoke screens;
  • The equipment ensures the manual, semi-automatic or automatic launch of any type of grenades (smoke grenades, aerosol based thermal traps or other types of grenades with which the vehicle may be equipped) within the safe zone, corresponding to the tactical requirements.

The laser and radar sensor heads and the grenade launchers are installed on the same platform, sectorial dispensed for the circular coverage of the vehicle.


  • 4 heads with laser and radar sensors, integrated on both left and right sides of the armored vehicle covering. 2 heads are installed upon the front of the covering and 2 upon its back side;
  • Processing Display and Command Unit – UPAC;
  • Connection cables for the sensor blocks.

For laser sensors:

Wavelength range

400÷1700 nm

Repetitive irradiation frequency range

5÷200 Hz

Detection angle

  • horizontal plan: 360°
  • vertical plan: -5°÷ 90°

Detection resolution


Number of the laser sensors


Max. number of the displayed laser illumination directions


For radar sensors:

Wavelength range

33÷37 GHz

Detection angle

  • horizontal plan: 360°
  • vertical plan: -25°÷ 65°

Detection resolution


Number of the radar sensors


Max. number of the displayed radar illumination directions


Type of displayed symbols:

  • 2 for the utilized laser type (a single pulse or pulse trains)
  • 1 for the radar signal
  • 2 for the medium from which illumination is produced (terrestrial or aerial)
  • 2 for the grenade launcher status (loaded or empty)


Detection distance

800÷5000 m (for a standard laser telemeter with 10 mJ pulse power and 20 ns pulse length)

Supply voltage:

18-32 Vcc (from the battery of the vehicle)

Consumed power

max. 65W

Environmental conditions

  • operating: -40°C ÷ +49°C
  • storing: -50°C ÷ +60°C
  • relative humidity 95% ±3% at a temperature of 40°C

Response time

max. 500 ms. between casted light and grenade launching

The device displays the number of remaining grenades.

It displays the supply voltage values.

The equipment ensures the digital filtering in order to eliminate parasitic signals and false alarms.

The device ensures the 2A direct current power supply of the launching circuits (the number of the launching circuits may be modified, on request, to 20).

Digital acoustic warning signal (optical warning is optional).

RS 442 serial interface for an external system.